Managed by someone who has been chubby ever since she was little, who is asthmatic, and who went through a painful stage of acid reflux in 2012, Caring Carli hopes to inspire others to make wiser choices and live healthier by knowing where our health stands, maintaining our weight the proper way, cooking delicious meals, sharing easy and effective exercises, caring for our skin and body, and discussing about products that can help us achieve or maintain our good health.

Now, why Caring Carli?

I attached a nickname, so I can be accountable with my words and principles when it comes to health and that I can be reminded that I must take care of myself, so I can take care of my family, friends, other people, and worthy causes.

The greatest motivation is one that goes beyond ourselves.

Besides being an advocate for pursuing a healthy lifestyle, I am also a multimedia artist/illustrator/graphic designer by profession, by choice, by faith. Haha! I’ve thought about the many dreams and plans I have and wondered: “How could I ever do those things if I get sick easily? If I am weak? In an unhealthy body?” 

Our health transcends many – if not all – areas of our lives.

Overall, I hope to motivate others as well – not just in physical health but also in other aspects – emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Caring Carli wishes you a wholesome health journey with the people you love.