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Mad for Mud: What I Like about the Glacial Marine Mud


Growing up, I saw in commercials or movies how people would put mud masks on and have cucumber slices placed on their eyes. I’ve tried putting cucumber slices before – probably once or twice – but never had a mask on.

As I enter into my mid-twenties, I’ve realized how important caring for our skin is. The only thing I do ever since was to use a cleanser.

The cleanser I use is the one I’ve been using since I was in elementary school – if my memory serves me correctly – because I have sensitive skin. I knew it was the best choice for me as other brands made me have more pimples and small bumps in my skin.

So… That’s all! That’s all what I did for my face, until mud came into the picture.

Yes, mud!

Meet the Epoch Glacial Marine Mud!


Enriched by the ocean, this mud mask keeps our skin healthy with minerals and trace elements, including sea botanicals!

Five of these 50 beneficial minerals and trace elements are the following:

  • Copper – helps improve skin strength
  • Zinc – an essential mineral for healthy skin
  • Magnesium – a necessary component of the skin’s natural energy cycle
  • Silver – aids the skin’s antimicrobial activity
  • Chromium – helps maintain balance in the skin

The key ingredient, of course, is the Glacial Marine Mud (Maris limus) which is acquired from a remote glacial estuary in the Pacific Northwest. The mud absorbs excess oils, dirt and impurities and exfoliates dead skin cells as well.

Because it exfoliates, you shouldn’t use it daily. Two to three times a week is good, and the Glacial Marine Mud is great for men and women of all skin types.

Besides the mud itself, all you need to get more healthy skin is a brush, a container for a small amount of mud, and a headband to keep your hair from your forehead.

GMM_Step by Step

One time, I was already waiting for the mud to dry, but I had to do a certain task. I had to go out to our backyard and bring the clothes inside. Before I went out, all the mud on my face was already almost light green, but when I was finished with my chore, I saw that some of the light green parts were dark – hence, they were wet again!

If you’re going to pamper and care for your skin, please do take my word for it: do something that doesn’t make you sweat while you wait for the mud to dry! Reading a book or sitting still while browsing the Internet is good.

After rinsing with warm water, see how clear and clean your skin will look and feel!

GMM_Before and After

Upon observing my photos, after rinsing the mud, I found that my skin looked pinkish. And it felt more fresh indeed! I’ve been using the mud for three times already, and I could see how supple my skin feels.

Here’s a video I made by the way of me using it!

Besides these benefits that my skin gets from Glacial Marine Mud, here are a few more things that I like about it:

The Glacial Marine Mud is an Epoch product. For every purchase of any Epoch product, Nu Skin donates $0.25 to Force for Good Foundation which is a non-profit organization that aims to improve the lives of children from all over.

Also, for every product sale of the mud, $0.25 is donated to the EB Medical Research Foundation. This foundation’s mission is to find a cure for Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). It is a genetically transmitted skin disorder that primarily affects children. They would develop blisters or open sores on as much as 75% of the body…

The Glacial Marine Mud aims to help us with our skin care, as well as give back to those who need help and hope with their health condition. That’s the best kind of products for me.

P.S. You can read more about the Glacial Marine Mud here. If you have sensitive skin, I recommend that you ask your dermatologist first before trying out any product. For reference too, you may read this short article.


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