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ageLOC Me says it’s all about YOU


Honestly speaking, whenever I hear that word, computers, gadgets, smartphones, information technology, and the Internet come to my mind.

It’s not something I would directly relate to skin care.

Skin care has something to do with just holding a tube and squeezing out creamy lotion or moisturizer, right?

But when I heard about this new kind of anti-aging gadget that can be specifically customized for your individual skin care needs and preferences (even inputting the kind of weather you have in your place or country!), my views on technology widened a little more.

Introducing ageLOC Me

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ageLOC Me.

If you’re going to name a product, I’ve learned, it should be something that sticks. Easy to remember. Something that stands out.

And hey, doesn’t Me stick? It’s like a product was named after all of us. (Haha!)

The way I view ageLOC Me is that it celebrates the uniqueness of each of our skin, color, and condition, because it is truly ours – one in the world.

Love the skin you’re in, right?

When I look at my face, I spot blackheads, whiteheads, and parts that I wished were smoother, but despite these, I’ve come to appreciate it the way it is and learn to take care of my skin more.

Before I share what ageLOC Me exactly does and how it works, here’s a short video that made me smile. It just reminds me of how rich the world is and how special and beautiful everyone is no matter what color or race or skin type we have.

ageLOC Me shows us that we all have different characteristics and looks, and it’s the same with our skin.

So wouldn’t it be nice to have a personalized skin care regimen that best fits you and you alone?

The solution is here now.

But wait, what is ageLOC Me exactly again?

ageLOC Me is a newcomer in the field of skin care technology – the first of its kind too. It was first introduced last 2016. You can read about its press release here.

Come to think of it, it’s not exactly a newcomer now, but it is in the Philippine market! Nu Skin Enterprises recently launched it last May 12-13 at the SMX Convention Center in SM Aura Premier, Taguig, so people will now be able to purchase it here in the Philippines.



This is me with this life-size ageLOC Me. The device and how it was designed is truly innovative.

My Mom and I attended this special event called the ageLOC Expo where people get to experience skin and body care pampering treatments, scan their antioxidant health status, have their body composition checked, and win exciting promos and prizes. Different stations were placed in the vast hall.

We’ve attended an expo like this last February too, but this time, it was a special event because of the ageLOC Me launch here in the Philippines.


It’s not personalized until you get a design that yells out your personality! There were some skins too in the event that you can choose from for your ageLOC Me.

ageLOC Me is a cutting-edge anti-aging system that you can use for your daily skin care regimen.

Having five individual airless cartridges containing the day and night moisturizers and serums, the device acts as the storage of these products, combines them within, and dispenses the precise amount you need when it automatically senses your hand underneath.

Now that’s an innovative and hygienic delivery system for you!

Image Source:

All without opening any tube or cartridge – talk about sealed and safe from contamination, huh?

Look at this life-size ageLOC Me and its 5 cartridges!

Using it comes with an application as well, which is what makes the skin care customizable. You will assess things like your own skin care type, conditions, complexion, region, skin attributes, and individual preferences (i.e. light or heavy moisturizer, with or without fragrance) among others.

After that, you get your personal skin care code which you can use to order your own custom-made set.

Here’s a video on how the moisturizer and serums are delivered to you quickly and easily.

In this age of technology, we do not only get to customize our blogs or laptops or software, we get to do this too with skin care. Innovation moves pretty fast and by the looks of it, it doesn’t show signs of slowing down at all!

Developed and designed with multi-patented technology, the ageLOC Me is truly one of the forerunners in personal care. Its awards include silver in the Edison Awards – Personal Care category, and it also won New Product of the Year from Big Business.

You can view more of its accolades here.

Caring for our skin

It is only recent that I’ve been more observant of my skin and its appearance and condition, especially when we went to the US for a vacation. Because of the extreme cold weather in Nevada, I experienced tiny dark bumps on my hands and legs. They itched a lot, so when I scratched them, they hurt more. I never knew what they were called, but the moment we came back to the Philippines (hello, tropical weather!) again and weeks passed, they just subsided.

I’ve come to realize that there are so many things that can affect our skin, which is why reading more about articles and technologies like ageLOC Me and other skin care products helps a lot.

Technology and skin care – they’re a good combination, especially at a time like this when stress, environmental factors, and free radicals hit us daily.

To know more about ageLOC Me, you can read this product information page or send me a message here, and I’ll respond to you as soon as possible to address your concerns. Thank you for reading! Have a great week ahead!


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