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Starting your Journey II: What is your Motivation for Being Healthy?

This post is the second from a three-part series on starting our health journey.

Now that you’ve defined what health is for you from our previous post, here’s another thing to reflect on:

“What or who is your motivation for being healthy?”

CC_Motivation for being Healthy_Blog

My main motivation is this: “I want to serve God, my Mom and Dad, my family, and all the people He wants me to serve in a healthy body.”

I cannot take care of my Mom if ever she gets tired if I’m sick or not being mindful of the food I take (i.e. oily food). I cannot fully and efficiently take care of my Dad when he gets old if I am too big for my height and age.

And, how am I going to write, draw, and pursue my plans and dreams if I’ve caught a disease that’s hard to cure?

Instead of waiting passively, we need to be proactive with the way we treat our health, the same way we do with our studies or work.

For you, what or who is your motivation? If you can anchor your reason on something deeper than wanting to look great for only a season (ex. summer) , I am sure you will be successful in achieving your health goals.

It is highly important to set the foundations first on what health means to you and why you want to be healthy, because without your vision and primary motivation, then living a healthy lifestyle is just something you can do for one month then stop again altogether. Whenever you let your cravings control you or your excuses pin you down, you need to have a strong root reason to go back to if ever you get unmotivated.

If you really want a successful lifestyle change, you have to put commitment, discipline, mindfulness, value, and conviction into the formula – plus the big question of why you’re doing this and whom are you doing this for.

So go dig deep and find your true and strong motivations for being healthy!


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