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Starting your Journey I: What Health Means to You

This post is the first from a three-part series on starting our health journey.

Before we say we want to achieve a healthy lifestyle, we should determine first what those words actually mean to us.

CC_What does Health Mean to you_Blog
Oh yes, meet the Care Pear! 🙂

How can we know we are healthy if we do not know the definition? It’s the same with wanting to go somewhere but never really knowing where that place is.

I wrote in my personal blog before what it meant to me:

“To be healthy for me is to be at my best physical and mental condition in performing my daily activities. I will be able to do chores and work without feeling tired easily. It’s also consuming clean and good food with all the right nutrients and benefits and exercising to keep our body active. As for the mind, I know I am healthy when I am able to organize my thoughts, processes, and solve problems well and that my attitude is of a growth mindset, instead of fixed. Instead of the impossibility of things, I focus more on the possibility and the positive side of things. Additionally, I can add emotionally healthy too when I am not being too sensitive. As for spiritually healthy, it’s connecting to God daily or moment by moment through prayer and reading the Bible. In our Lord’s Prayer, there is a line that says “Give us this day our daily bread.” Our daily bread is meant to be taken everyday, and the Word of God, before any other physical food could ever fill us, is the one that sustains us from morning to evening.”

How about you?

What is your own definition of being healthy?

Carefully and mindfully evaluate if this is the kind of lifestyle you want to pursue or maintain. Ponder either one or all of the aspects – spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically.


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