Caring Carli is now blogging!

Blogging has always been a part of my life growing up. With the boom of the internet in this century and first discovering the platform in 2006, I knew that it will continue on until the end of my earthly life.

Journaling is still a favorite of mine, but there are stories that we want to share to others to create more meaning and impact with our words, lessons, experiences, and lives.

Caring Carli is my brand for health and personal care products – I’m already operating it through Facebook and Instagram, but another good suggestion came from my Mom and Dad: since I love to blog, I can use that skill and interest in using this platform to extensively write about lessons I’ve learned, health, personal care, food, innovative products, fitness, and a wholesome lifestyle.

I find it difficult to connect too over on social media, especially when I’m typing down lengthy captions (I can’t help it – I love to write long-form!), ┬áso I guess the best platform to engage with people is through a blog.

So that’s it for my first entry here on Caring Carli, a blog where I can share about my personal journey in health.

I hope to connect with you further down the road of blog entries!


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